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January 8, 2010 at 7:16 pm Leave a comment

During my daughter’s nap time, I’ve been cruising the internet.  First it was just Facebook and Gmail.  Then some Pottery Barn and Nordies.  Then I stumbled upon some decorating blogs, and man…there is SO MUCH out there!  I keep finding new blogs everyday!  It’s so fun!  I even got Google Reader and subscribed to them, so they show up there for me…wow, technology is so cool.

Crafty Nest is one of the fun blogs I found.  She has such great ideas, and a lot of them are very frugal too.  Perfect for when you are on a budget.  Another one I found that I love it Dollar Store Crafts.  The things they come up with are amazing…and all found at the Dollar Store.  Score!

So while perusing Crafty Nest I found this.  AMAZING!  I have been meaning to do a botanical print project forever, but never got around to it.  I even had an old window pane from my grandmother’s house saved in my parents garage for this purpose….but caved and let my mom sell it at her garage sale this summer because I didn’t think I’d ever have the time.  Well now I have lots of time…that is when the baby decides that nap time is a cool thing.  Otherwise I’m cooingandbabblingandchangingdiapersandstillinmysweatsat1:00watchingdaysofourlives.  Yikes, babies sure do change everything, don’t they?

Ok, so I didn’t have the window pane, but these prints are free.  FREE!  Download them here!  I used our home printer, which is a good one, but not super nice or anything.  I didn’t even use photo paper.  I found some heavier gloss card stock type paper lying around and used that.  It worked!  And they look good.  I didn’t even bother sizing them.  I went into print options and clicked on fit to page and it came out fine.  I did I have to snip a bit to fit into the frames, but more on that later.

So, now that I had these beautiful illustrations all printed out, I needed frames.  Frames can be expensive and I’m working on a tight budget here.  I also wanted to hang 9 of them, so even a 4 or 5 dollar frame would add up to quite a bit.  Using inspiration from Dollar Store Crafts, I decided to go with Dollar Tree frames.  Are they beautiful and well made?  No.  But they got the job done, and I’m pleased with how it came out. All I did was cut the images to fit in the frames.  I used 8×10 frames except for one 81/2 by 11.  Can you tell which one??!!  The Dollar Tree only had 8 of one kind, so I had to make due.  My original plan was to glue all the frames together to give it a window effect, but I am lazy and think it’s fine the way it is.

The total for the project?  9 bucks!  That’s not a lot to fill a blank wall with BIG impact.

So, what frugal projects are on your to-do list?


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